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(SALES MEETING) Recruit Great Salespeople

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Recruiting and hiring salespeople to represent your station or cluster is all about Talent, Training and Tactics. All too often managers get into the habit of hiring whoever, whenever. As EVP at the Center for Sales Strategy Matt Sunshine puts it "If you're starving, you'll eat anything." In our webinar with Sunshine we detail how to avoid making bad hires and how you should keep sales talent ready to take the field for your station or cluster.

The audio from our interview is available now and also includes:

- Why military vets make great salespeople
- How to build a talent bank
- Why you should build a talent bank
- How to avoid interviewees who have "glare."
- What you should say to recruit the right people for your funnel
- Why new salespeople who make a sale in their first week is BAD

Listen to the audio from our webinar HERE or subscribe and download the audio from the Radio Ink page at the iTunes store. If you have any trouble downloading, please send me an e-mail for a direct link.