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Brian Baltosiewich

In Podcasting Not Everything Works

by Brian Baltosiewich

If youre a radio personality looking to move into podcasting, theres something you need to be aware of. Not everything that worked for you on the radio, will work in a podcast. And Ill be honest with you, some who were lined up to be podcasters at Radio Exiles chose not to do a podcast, because of what Im about to tell you. Its that big an issue for some.

Podcasting, as a recorded program, virtually eliminates the ability to interact with your audience live, and if your radio show was built around audience interaction and games and hearing stories from listeners this may be a problem. Not that you cant get your audience to interact at all- but the live interaction is a challenge. Think about the logistics of the listener. Theyre either streaming your podcast from the site, or more likely, theyve downloaded the show from one of the several sources and are listening in their car, at the gym, someplace where interacting with a show host is less than convenient. If theyre streaming, they can easily send the show an email. If theyve downloaded, they may have a thought about something youre talking about at the moment they are listening, but a few minutes later that thought is likely gone- along with their motive to interact.

So, you have to get creative to get your audience to be part of your show. Use Facebook and Twitter to break the ice. Tweet or post potential topics for the show you are about to record and hope someone responds. If its compelling enough, they will. Then, you can use those comments, or even better- contact a couple of the most compelling people who responded and see if you can contact them by phone or Skype to talk during your recording. A couple of our Radio Exiles podcasters have set up toll-free phone numbers. These can be used for listeners to leave messages or comments, or for listeners to call in IF they know when you are recording. Facebook probably works best for this, a post like Were recording this weeks podcast at Noon EST today! Talking about the economy! Weigh in with your thoughts at xxx-xxx-xxxx!

This requires patience, and assuming your audience will remember when youre recording and if they do, remember to call at the time you are laying it down, and if they do- that theyll remember the number. This is a lot to assume, and dont be disappointed if no one calls. Another important point if listeners dont respond, if they dont interact it doesnt mean no one is listening. Thats an easy assumption to make, and its likely just not true. Dont get discouraged. It seems like it should be but its just not as easy for podcast listeners to do.

Brian Baltosiewich has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years.  His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pros who have lost their gigs. Reach out to him at or through their twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at

(3/9/2012 6:03:06 PM)

Perhaps a live service like Spreaker is the answer to the interaction problem. Several talents on Spreaker engage with thier audience via chat and Skype. At the same time they and their audience are sharing content on Facebook and Twitter. Check out one of our top shows Chris Top and his page at, to see how someone is doing a really great job of this.


- Donald

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