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Randy Michaels To Dan Mason "Hello, We're Here"

The Merlin Mascot strikes again. The Merlin team is taking offense at some of the phraseology being used by the newscasters on CBS's news station WINS that it is "New York's one and only news station." To make sure CBS knows about it, the "Merlin Mascot" has written a letter to WINS to try to correct the record. Of course, the letter drips with sarcasm leaving little doubt who wrote it. The letter was written to WINS Don Bouloukos who for the longest time worked side-by-side with John Gehron, now a part of the Merlin Media advisory board. Times, they are a changin.

Mr. Don Bouloukos, Manager
WINS Radio
345 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014

Hello Mr. Bouloukos,

I'm writing to you because your station, WINS, say "this is New York's one and only all news station...." near the top of each hour.  Many have been amused by this obvious shot at your sister station, WCBS.  For a long time, your claim was technically true.  WCBS is mostly news, but also runs Yankee's baseball and a few CBS network shows that aren't news.  We have been amused by this shot at a co-owned station and have wondered if the fact that in recent years, WCBS has passed WINS in the ratings is one of the reasons you make the claim.

Since WINS is in the business of knowing what is happening now, you must know that the claim you are making is no longer true.  Since last Monday WEMP has been all news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and isn't going to stop.  I'm calling this to your attention because WINS is one of America's most admired stations.  Truly in a class by itself.  All of us at Merlin look up to WINS as an important part of the history of American radio broadcasting.  I'm sure that you would not intentionally tarnish the gold standard image of America's oldest all-news stations by deliberately broadcasting false claims.  Perhaps you could say that WINS is New York's one and only AM station with 24 hour news.  That would keep a real person from sending a less friendly letter on the subject.

Just trying to help.  There is plenty of room for AM news and FM news.

All the best,

The Merlin Marlin
Company Mascot


(8/22/2011 11:33:53 AM)
too bad Merlin's programming is horrific. I'm in their alleged target demo and I can't listen to it for more than 5 seconds. It's insulting to my intelligence and to women every where. Where is the NEWS? I don't want to hear kitchen tips or two women giggling over another Kardashian story. Women are business and community leaders, soldiers, politicians and we want N-E-W-S. I'll stick with WINS.

- Susan
(8/22/2011 11:22:55 AM)
The beginning of a good old fashioned competition between two really good radio execs. I hope the rest of the industry applauds their efforts and the soon to be elevated delivery of product and service that competition historically provides.

- Peter Handy
(8/22/2011 9:23:32 AM)
Maybe someone should send a letter to Merlin reminding them that while they claim they are New York's first FM news station, WNWS (carrying NBC's all news service back in the 70's) predated them as FM News by about40 years. Thus, they will never be New York's 1st all news FM radio station!

(8/22/2011 8:50:42 AM)
Too bad Google doesn't own "Merlin." Then perhaps they would do less evil. What a prick!

- Peter Tripp

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