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Brian Baltosiewich

How To Get People To Listen To Your Podcasts

Brian Baltosiewich

Youre podcasting! Welcome to the club. Now how do you get people to listen? Lets say, hypothetically, youre not a national figure with bottomless pockets and millions of built-in listeners. Start with the local markets you worked in. Send releases to everyone you can think of in the media in those markets. Podcasting is unique enough and its early enough that you may be breaking new ground in those markets. That alone is worthy of a feature, and youll probably get it, especially if you were a name in that market.  At least youll get a few lines in the local paper.

Make sure all your friends know what youre doing, get them to talk about you to their friends. This is grass-roots, and you have to mobilize all of your troops. If your family wont spread the word, well, then you have bigger problems than I can help you with. Make sure your podcast is available through as many sources as you can find. iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Look up podcast aggregators and  get on them. As we talked about before, it would be great if you could just have your own site where listening became this cool exclusive club, but thats just not the world we live in. Your listeners, once theyre turned on to you, will want you the way they want you and you have to accommodate them or they will find someone else- and quickly.

Finally, say what you will about social networking, but the fact is it works and you can reach a LOT of people FREE. You have to work at it. It could be your full-time job, frankly. To be successful at social networking you must interact with your listeners and be witty and stand out in the crowd. Some of your followers on Twitter, for example, will be following hundreds if not thousands of other accounts. Research things like hashtags and @ messages to rise above the rest. Use them to attract listeners interested in specifically the things you are talking about in your podcast.

You dont have to get caught up in all the different social networking options, in fact, you wont be able to. There are just too many. Focus on the most popular- Facebook and Twitter. Use them to drive people to your podcast, dont just be content with getting followers and likers you have to drive them to your product.

Above all that, though be consistent. Be there when you tell listeners youre going to be there. If you start with a new show every Monday, then you have to have a new show every Monday if it kills you. Miss a day, and listeners will be discouraged, and then theyll move on to someone else. Its easy to get caught up in all this. Find a balance between producing your podcast and marketing it. Dont let one affect the other adversely. This is easier said than done.

The bottom line is, there are no rules, there are no tried and true marketing techniques. Youre on your own and you must become a relentless self-promoter.

Brian Baltosiewich has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years.  His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pros who have lost their gigs. Reach out to him at or through their twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at

(5/2/2012 12:57:40 PM)
I think you are brilliant. We followed your advice and had a record number of listeners to our Life Lessons show on Mike Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan- creators of the Berenstain bears (

On Monday's show was Pat Boone and tomorrow we have John Tesh.

Keep up the great work.

Rick Tocquigny
Life Lessons/The Transformed Traveler Shows

- Rick Tocquigny

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