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Brian Baltosiewich

How to Podcast Part III

July 6, 2011

by Brian Baltosiewich

Time to record. You may have your own recording/editing software. Radio Exiles launched with an old copy of Cool Edit, but really any software that can handle multiple tracks, multiple formats and export to an mp3 will work just fine. We recently switched to software built specifically for podcasters, called Propaganda. I like it, its easy to use, was really inexpensive, and handles multiple file types like a champ. It does take a looong time for final conversion of files once they are edited, but its a small price to pay. Also, we dont use this attribute, but it can upload your podcast to your site without dealing with another software program.

So now you have to decide where your podcast will go.  There are several options; your own site; blogtalkradio; or other hosting sites like Radio Exiles.  Your decision should be based on how much time you have to put into getting your podcast out there. For you, the podcasting will be the easy part. Having your own website can be demanding, and technically difficult. Uploading a show to a second-party host can be pretty simple. Consider this carefully. If you have experience with building websites and html code, then having your own site wont be intimidating.

Whatever you decide, listeners cant find you unless they know you are there. Send out releases to local media in markets where you worked, and- this is critical- you MUST get on Facebook and Twitter. No  matter what you think about social networking, it works, its efficient, and its FREE. Learn about the ins and outs and the tricks to getting people to like you or follow you. It takes some effort. But just slapping a podcast in the internet does not guarantee listens. Marketing your podcast is a job in itself. You must be relentless, and creative.

In a perfect world, your site would be the only place where listeners could access your podcast. It would become this exclusive little club, where only the savvy, in-crowd would have access to your genius. We dont live in that world. You have to make your podcast available to everyone, through multiple venues. RSS feeds are a critical component to your podcast. These allow your subscribers to be automatically notified every time you post a new show.

And then theres iTunes. There are, no exaggeration, tens of thousands of podcasts available on iTunes. Some are professionally produced; some are your neighbor with a computer mic and nothing to say. Go to iTunes and search for, lets say, sports podcasts. Youll get thousands of results. Its easy for a listener to get lost on iTunes if they dont know specifically what theyre looking for.

Having said that, youll want to be on iTunes. Its another delivery method, one that a lot of users rely on to deliver podcast content. Submitting a show to iTunes is simple (iTunes uses RSS feeds to populate itself) and they will have to approve your podcast before they carry it. It takes a few days to get approval. I realize this is a very general look at the third step. The fact is, 500 words isnt enough to cover all of the recording/distribution phase. I could write a blog about each item by itself. Down the line, I probably will.

You have a lot of options. Only you know best what works for you and your situation. Now get behind that mic. Next week: Can you make money in podcasting?

Brian Baltosiewich has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years.  His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pros who have lost their gigs. Reach out to him at or through their twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at

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