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Brian Baltosiewich

How To Create Your Own Podcast

by Radio Exiles CEO Brian Baltosiewich

June 15, 2011

In my first blog entry, I explained to you why its important for every radio professional to podcast, or at least learn how. Let me summarize: Because its just what you do. Its in your blood. Its who you are. Radio may have quit you, but you cannot quit radio. Furthermore, there are a LOT of bad podcasts out there. Listeners need you. Podcasting is the Wild Wild West of the industry. The new frontier. The Future of everything weve ever done. I cant overstate it. If you are not prepared to be a podcaster, you could be left behind. Thirty percent of internet users listen to some sort of Internet radio.

I dont have to tell you that terrestrial radio has yet to figure the Internet out, that its more than page views and slideshows of hot women.  Just by  reading this blog, and showing interest in podcasting, youre ahead of the game. So, how do you podcast? It starts by knowing what you have to say, and who your audience is. This is, more than ever, up to you. Your terrestrial radio career may have had you in several markets voicetracking in several formats- until you lost track of your voice, of who you are.

Your podcast, when you are ready, will speak to very specific people. YOUR audience will consciously choose to listen to you. They will carry you with them to the gym, in their cars, at work, listening when theyre supposed to be doing something else. They will CHOOSE you, on their time, on their schedule, when it works for them. They will stop you and start you and fast forward when you touch on something that just doesnt interest them. They will have unbelievably short attention spans and they will want you literally dropped in their laps through iTunes or RSS feeds. They are extremely high-maintenance and some are difficult to please. These are the demands you have to meet, and when you meet them, there is no feeling like it.

You will know EXACTLY how many people are listening to you. No LPMs, PPM's or diaries. No guesswork, no gymnastics no extrapolating the numbers. If theyre coming to you, you will know, and you will know right away.  Your shows will live on in your archives, and those archives will generate as much traffic- if not more- than your fresh shows. In one year you can have dozens, maybe hundreds of shows available. If youre good enough, listeners may even PAY TO LISTEN TO YOUR OLD SHOWS. Think about THAT!

So, how do you find your audience?  Youve probably bounced around a bit, town to town, up and down the dial. People in all those markets will remember you, no matter how long its been. Think about who you were to them, what your voice sounded like, what made you successful. Think about your voice for a few days. Find it again. Think about your audience, who may be listening when your podcast goes live. And when you have your voice, you will be ready. Map it out. Write down the topics. Create a little outline or cheat sheet to get started.

And, Next week, well talk about the mechanics of producing a podcast.

Brian Baltosiewich has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years.  His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pros who have lost their gigs. Reach out to him at or through the twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at


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