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2011 Tornado Coverage. Zimmer Employees Still Homeless.

We spoke to Zimmer Radio Group Chad Elliot last night whow gave us an update on how the Zimmer family is doing. President Obma visited Joplin Sunday to give the residents in that tiny community some hope that the feds will be around to help for years. The sign you are looking at in this picture is actually Joplin High School, which was totally destroyed by the twister. The kids carved the "H" and "E" into the sign. The school parking lot actually hosted a Memorial Day service yesterday. Elliot tells us he is living with his wife's grandmother. "We're thankful to have a place to live." Elliot also says 7 other Zimmer families are still looking for a place to stay. Part of the problem is that available properties are limited.

The Associated Press is reporting that FEMA is considering bringing in trailers much like New Orleans after Hurricance Katrina if enough homes are not available. FEMA's first option for housing the thousands of displaced is to find them existing rental housing within a 55-mile radius of Joplin, because isn't much housing left in in the city of nearly 50,000 residents that was left badly damaged by the May 22 tornado, spokeswoman Susie Stonner told The Associated Press. Nearly a third of the city was damaged by the violent storm.

Stonner told the AP that despite the distance, putting people in permanent housing is preferable to trailers — especially in an area prone to tornadoes and severe weather. "Wouldn't you prefer to be in a stable building over a mobile home?" she asked. Stonner also noted that getting things like water, sewer lines and developing pads for trailers would take substantial time. Temporary housing will be made available for up to 18 months. Some people along the Gulf Coast still live in FEMA trailers nearly six years after Hurricane Katrina.

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