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2011 Tornado Coverage. Zimmer Says 7 Employees Homeless

The tornado that tore through the town of Joplin Missouri has made a very dramatic impact on one of radio's family members. As we've been telling you about since early yesterday the Zimmer radio group has been delivering news and information non-stop to the community since it was clear the killer twister was headed their way. Late last night we reached Zimmer CEO Jim Zimmer who says he cannot put everything into words yet because it's too raw. "Seven people from the staff and their families are homeless. Were trying secure housing for them and a couple of RVs at the station to accommodate our on-air personnel and families.  Storms are still brewing coming our way.  Please pray for Joplin."

Zimmer says words cannot describe what his staff has and is doing on and off-air. "It is indescribable for me. When the tornado hit Joplin yesterday I was out of the state with my family. It was the one year anniversary of the death of my oldest son.  Around 4pm I started getting the phone calls from Joplin. The programming staff, always diligent, had seen the storm cell brewing in Kansas just west of Joplin and started crashing the station to go wall-to-wall with severe weather coverage about an hour before it hit Joplin.  They have been on the air ever since.  It is a truly remarkable team from programming to sales to local management.  Too many stories convey right now. Most will probably be forgotten or never heard outside of Joplin.  All I will tell you is that a better team you will never find than the working for Zimmer Radio in Joplin, MO."

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