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Wayne Ens

The New Way To Sell Radio

by Wayne Ens

The three worlds of the typical radio account executive have all changed dramatically;
1. New media have certainly changed the advertising landscape
2. Our traditional retail clients have come under enormous margin pressures from big box stores and online shopping
3. The sales strategies that got us where we are today are now our industry’s bench mark rather than our competitive edge.

For example, once upon a time, it was sufficient to focus on ‘the decision maker’ to succeed in radio sales. But in the new business world there are generally four key players in every major decision. This is in part because in a fast paced, more competitive, lower margin world each decision is more critical, and the best decision makers minimize their risk by seeking council or input from others.

It's also because most successful business owners today know the importance of achieving staff buy-in for their strategies and decisions. One of the keys to achieving staff buy-in , of course, is to let your staff play a role in the decision.

Basically most decisions now have four key influencers;
1.The Ultimate Buyer; Previously called ‘the decision maker’, this is the person who ultimately controls the purse strings and can release, or not release, the ad dollars to your station. Their primary concern is the economic impact on the organization.

2. The Implementer; This is the person who judges the impact of your station on their job. In the case of the car dealership, for example, very often it’s the sales manager who judges the impact of your advertising on his sales.

3. The Screener; Often the controller or accountant, who requests competitive bids or tenders to ensure cost efficiency or budget-fit of your proposal.

4.The Guru; This is the most under-used misunderstood influencer, and a key to understanding the buying motives of the other three decision influencers.     

The best managers, and the up and comers, in any organization read books or blogs or attend courses that dramatically impact their opinions and choices. Their ‘guru’ may be another staffer, a supplier, a blogger or author. One of the many ways you can get to the hearts of your clients is to understand who their key influencers or mentors are; on staff, or otherwise. It can even be a mentor from another company or industry. But if each of the four players in your target organization follow a different blog or marketing guru, you need to uncover who that is, and what their words of wisdom are.

Wayne Ens is President of ENS Media Inc and can be reached via e-mail Wayne Ens


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(4/27/2011 7:05:47 PM)
Mr. Jennings is spot on...actually the book Strategic Selling was written in the early 80's by Miller/Heiman and along with Mr. Marks and Jim Hopes, I was instrumental in bringing the concept to New City Communications which later became part of Cox Radio. The concept is but one step in a process that requires highly trained and prepared sales agents to execute this properly. Sadly I agree that Radio Sales has become more "transactional" then ever responding to RFP's rather then being proactive.

- Paul Anovick

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