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Understanding Who You Call On.

FRESH CONTENT Understanding Who You Call On. 10 Tips From The Buyers Perspective
by Wayne Ens

Did you ever wonder what a buyer was thinking before you went in on a sales call. Well, I can tell you. And, I can tell you, I learned a lot more about selling radio when I was buying radio at my ad agency than I ever learned when I was trying to learn how to sell radio. Here are ten things I learned as an agency buyer that you should keep in mind when trying to sell to one:

1.) Never drop in without an appointment.clients/buyers are busy! Also, dont make me feel unimportant by telling me youre going to be in my area and would like to visit when its convenient for you.

2.) No one buys from your media kit. All media kits look the same, and none of them address the specific situations or needs of my clients.

3.) Asking you for a media kit is a great way to get rid of you in a hurry when I have no interest in what you are selling.

4.) Keep bringing me ideas for my clients.even if I never use them! I appreciate the effort, it demonstrates your expertise and will reward you with an order some day, even if its for another client.

5.) When I give you an RFP (request for proposal) read it carefully, ask questions, and make sure what you present addresses all of the criteria in my RFP.

6.) Dont be afraid to call my clients directly. I recognize they are your clients too, and they might not be my clients tomorrow. Having said that, make sure you tell me in advance, keep me in the loop, and never discredit me in front of your/our clients.

7.) The budget or costing criteria I give you is never the total budget available. I feel I owe it to my clients to squeeze you for great rates but there is always more available budget if you clearly justify it according to my clients needs.

8.) Listen, listen, listen. When you do present something other than what we requested, demonstrate that you have listened and clearly explain why you are proposing something different.

9.) When you have research, information or special offers that could affect my client, bring them to me first.

10.) Never present the same package to me or my clients that you are presenting to our competitors.

There you have it.lessons on selling from a buyer.

Wayne Ens is President of ENS Media Inc and can be reached via e-mail Wayne Ens

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