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Garber Moves to Katz After 13 Years With SCBA

She's outspoken and passionate and she's been the leader of the Southern California Broadcasters Association for 13 years. Mary Beth Garber is headed to Katz Radio to work for Mark Gray. Gray wants to be able to tell Radio's positive story to as many advertisers as possible He picked a darn good person to help him. Garber will argue with anyone and everyone who challenges radio and its ability to succeed for clients.

She was the subject if many many comments posted to following a story we wrote about Pandora.  Having said all that, she's leaving a job she's held for 13 years. In radio that's 60 years. Who stays at one radio job that long. So, we had to ask her a few questions about how it felt to resign from the SCBA. 

How difficult a decision was this, 13 years is a long time at one job.  
Apart from missing the people, this felt as if it were an extension of the job I have been doing.  I could not pass up the opportunity to take my passion to a national stage with the incredible resources of KRG (including remarkable people# available to me.  
What is your most fond memory at SCBA?
The first Radio Day at Disneyland, an all-market-all-station promotion we first did in 2003.  There were about 45 radio station personalities there and about 70,000 people #we set a record for the Park).  People were lined up to take photos with their favorite personalities and were just so happy to be able to see them.  I was so proud of radio and the SCBA that day. 
What you will miss the most?
Working with the people at the SCBA and the members, really.  Everyone, with rare exception, has been extremely supportive of me and appreciative of the work we do.  My staff has been here with me 11, 12 and 13 years.  I will find it odd and difficult to walk into a workspace and not see and work with them.
Biggest success.... Every time a client said yes to radio. 

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