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Rush Spends 20 Minutes Blasting FCC and Premiere Radio's "On Call" Service

Rush Spends 20 Minutes of Monologue Discussing Premiere Radio's "On Call" Service

Rush Limbaugh spent a good part of his first half hour today discussing Premiere's "On Call" service, making sure everyone knew that nothing about his show was staged. Premiere's On Call service has been described as callers calling in to shows pretending to be real helping to enhance bits of the on-air talent. Rush discussed how the FCC pretty much ruined the caller bit when it required radio stations to notify callers they were being recorded immediately before rolling tape. Rush described a bit he did at a department store in his early years on the Radio that you could never get away with now because everyone, from the start, would be in on the joke.

Here is a portion of the transcript from Rush's show:

"You know, Premiere Radio Networks is the syndication arm of the broadcast partner; they're part of Clear Channel.  You know what this is?  This actually exists because of people like me.  Back in the old days when you could do funny phone pranks, you could call out, you could be doing your radio show (morning radio show is when this happened) and you could call out and you could put somebody on the air or tape recorder without their permission.  I tried to buy a left-handed baseball bat this way.  I faked having a picture phone to get traffic reports from the tunnels in Pittsburgh.  I mean it was an art form.  There was a guy in Detroit who made this an art form.  His name was Dick Purtan.  But there were a number of other morning deejays that made a career out of these funny put-on telephone calls, except they were real. Then all of a sudden one day the FCC came along and said you cannot do this, you can't call out nor can you record somebody without their permission."

Premiere is the syndication arm of the Rush Limbaugh program and Limbaugh used his show, in case there was any doubt, to let his audience know that none of his calls have ever been staged. And, we received this statement from Premiere today "Premiere On Call is not utilized by any of Premiere’s nationally syndicated talent, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck."

This is how Premiere describes the service. "Premiere On Call is a recently launched audio service connecting local entertainment radio stations with great voice talent to supplement their programming needs. The service is not utilized by News/Talk programs or stations."

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