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Wall Street Journal Gets Copy of Internal Groupon Memo

March 1, 2011

The Journal says Groupon had a surge in revenue from $33 million to $760 million in 2010. And the paper reports most of those sales came from outside the United States. The email was sent by Groupon Chief Executive Andrew Mason to his employees in January. The Journal says Mason hopes to achieve billions in revenue in 2011.

The paper quotes Mason's big plans for the company. "By this time next year, we will either be on our way to becoming one of the great technology brands that define our generation, or a cool idea by people who were out executed and out innovated by others that were smarter and harder working."

Groupn recently rejected a $6 billion takeover bid from Google. An IPO could be coming up for the online coupon company. Groupon has over 4,000 employees in 550 plus cities. Groupon has over 50 million subscribers. It sends out emails promoting deep discounts. 

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