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Slacker CEO Chuckles at Pandora Numbers (AUDIO)

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February 22, 2011

In an upcoming cover story Slacker Radio CEO Jim Cady discusses how Slacker radio was created, succeeding at startups, terrestrial radio and much more in a wide-ranging interview. One of the topics he discussed with us is the media obsession with listener numbers and how they can be misleading. Listen to Cady's comments by clicking on Download This Show above.

Pandora recently announced it would be gearing up for an IPO. Cady's comments do make you wonder what the threshold is, and should be, to qualify as a listener. These companies have the technology to know how many real listeners they do have. Should someone who installed one of these two programs, tried it and didn't like it, or use it on a daily or weekly basis still be counted as a listener? And, shouldn't potential advertisers and investors be made aware of that? Maybe they are.

Cady will appear on our March 21st issue. Our print issue is the only place you can read the entire interview with the 51 year old CEO of Slacker Radio.

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(2/23/2011 3:41:52 PM)
Jim, I'm chuckling right along with you. Pandora's "80 million subscriber" hype belies its more modest reality. Pandora has an agreement with to directly measure its usage. Most recent monthly cume is 22.6 million in the U.S. and another 1.1 million worldwide. 70% of Pandora's "subscribers" didn't go to the site for a single song in the past month.

- a Michigan broadcaster

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