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Black Card Radio to Syndicate "Celebration of Life" Show (AUDIO)

February 22, 2011

The owners of Black Card Radio founded the company "on the belief that radio's approach needs to change". The one-year-old company was founded by Saville Kellner and Bill Handel of Ontario, California. The new show will begin April 4th and feature David Stein. It will run overnights from 1AM to 5AM. Stein is currently heard on more than 70 stations as part of the Sporting News Network. Fountainhead Communications Managing Partner Greg Noack approached Stein about the new program.

In a podcast interview, Stein tells Radio Ink that his show will be different. And, if you listen to show clips ( you may hear a clip or two that probably wouldn't fly on the Sporting News Network, like a grown man breaking down and crying. Stein says that kind of stuff happens, it's all real, it's part of what he does. Listeners have been pretty inspired by Stein. Some have driven across the country to meet each other after listening and connecting via Stein's unique approach to radio.


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