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Should We Take The Money Away From CPB and NPR?

February 22, 2011

This past Saturday, the House of Representatives passed the budget bill H.R. 1, a bill that would defund public media and prevent the FCC from enforcing its new net neutrality rules by withholding funding. In total, the bill, which passed by a 235 to 189 vote, cuts 61.5 billion dollars from the budget.  The bill now heads to the Senate.


In its current form, the bill will withdraw any obligation on the part of Congress to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which dolls out public media funds, beyond 2012.  Currently, the CPB receives around $420 million. .

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(2/27/2011 11:56:25 AM)
Global warming is a theory AND scientific fact. Like, say, gravity.

NPR does NOT have a liberal bias--studies have repeatedly disproven that myth. It only seems that way because the overall media has such a clear conservative bias.

But that's not the point. The point is that public broadcasting is a tiny portion of the budget and it delivers excellent value for the money--it provides a useful service, it employs people, and it generates funds for a good cause from the private sector. Conservatives are just looking for a way to posture about cutting the budget without addressing the real problems that they have caused with deregulation and massive deficits.

- Brett Alan
(2/23/2011 9:05:34 AM)
When I look at the multi million dollar plants serving sparsely populate areas and hear defenses such as we have an obligation to serve I get upset. Private stations cut back in a recession and public broadcasting is unaccountable like other governement agencies. It is just not efficent.

The liberal bias flurishes because we do not held NPR accountable. Global Warming is a Theory not a scientific fact. NPR pushes their chosen "Academic Veiw" without a serious consideration of the consequencies of their actions or a look at opposing views. They snub people with opposing views or ignore them entirely. We do not need to fund this kind of conduct.

- Ron Davis
(2/23/2011 7:57:05 AM)
CPB threatens to sue civic clubs using a "Barney" costume. Jim Henson did not pass as a pauper. The public owns 0% of Kermit (Miss Piggy got it all in the settlement). "All Things Considered" is well produced owned solely by NPR. Affiliates MUST BUY an NPR dues membership before buying a program, both with tax money in a shell game.
CPB/NPR is a COMMERCIAL network that CHOOSES to serve a non-comm format. Sorry, no tax money. Write a bigger check to show your appreciation, instead.

- Richard Boekeloo

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