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RAB: "Radio Revenue Increased 7% in Q4 of 2010.

February 18, 2011

"Coming off solid results through the first three quarters of 2010, Radio's 7% increase in Q4 and full-year gain of 6% cap the year on a strong note - the best comparative figures we've seen in over a decade," says RAB President and CEO Jeff Haley. For the full year, spending in the Digital sector increased 24% and Spot revenue rose 6%. As anticipated, the key Automotive category regained the #1 rank for Spot spending, powered by 22% comp period increases for both Q4 and total year.

Radio's top five categories ranked by 2010 full-year spending are: Auto Dealers, Dealer Groups, Manufacturers($1.8B),  Communications/Cellular ($1.6B)Restaurants($1.343B) Television/Networks/Cable Providers($1.33B), Financial Services($1.33B)

Increases across multiple Radio categories are indicative of advertisers' confidence in the medium" says Haley. "Radio's top ten   advertisers for 2010 spent over $2.6 billion and collectively increased their year-over-year spend by $309 million." The top 3 spenders were AT&T($504M), Verizon Wireless($405M), McDonalds ($321M),  top the list of Radio's leading spot advertisers for the full year 2010.

Government agencies’ Network Radio sector spending totaled $7.5M for Q4 and $23.1M by year end, was led by three government  agencies: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), U.S. Census Bureau and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid  Services (CMS). Breakout is as follows: NHTSA #1 for 2010, with $3.8M; U.S. Census Bureau with $3.3M followed by CMS with  $2.9M.

RAB numbers are based on a pool of more than 100 markets as reported by the accounting firm of Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co. and extrapolated to the entire U.S.  Digital Revenue is comprised from activity generated by websites, Internet/web streaming and HD Radio including HD2 and HD3 stations.  Network Revenue includes the top five Radio network companies. Non-Spot data has been collected and verified since January of 2002, and reported since September of 2004


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