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Jill Falls Out at Amaturo in California. New Format "Playlist 92.7"

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February 14, 2011

A new format entitled "Playlist 92.7" is now rolling across the Amaturo stations near L.A. Consultant Alan Burns is in on the format creation and he says it's more of a "format expansion". Most program director's would probably wince if they were told they had to play a whole lot more songs in the format. Burns says some PD's would consider this type of format change a 'train wreck". CLICK ON DOWNLOAD THIS SHOW (ABOVE) TO HEAR A CLIP OF WHY BURNS THINKS THE FORMAT WILL WORK

Amaturo PD Rick Shaw says  Market research told us that our existing target of Women 25-54 wanted an extra wide variety of eras and styles…everything from 70s classics to today’s hits. So along with our consultant Alan Burns we’ve put together a big playlist that will help us fill that demand and build on the audience that has been increasing over the last six months.”

Burns says consumers are telling us they’re just hearing songs they like.” Burns also said “this marks the first use of the word ‘Playlist’ as a radio station name in America, if not the world. It’s how people in this century refer to their music.” Amaturo and Burns have service-marked the name “Playlist” and will be offering it for license to other radio stations.

Playlist 92.7-FM is four signals, KJLL-FM Fountain Valley, CA; KAJL-FM Thousand Oaks, CA; KAJL-1 Malibu, CA; KHJL-FM Adelanto, CA; all broadcasting on the frequency, “92.7 FM.”  Playlist 92.7 is owned and operated by Amaturo Broadcast Group LTD, LA.