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The Cost of Being a Pirate in New Jersey...$10 G's

February 11, 2011 - The FCC has leveled a $10,000 fine against a Pirate operator Bernabe Moreno in New Jersey. They says Moreno's been operating on the frequency 102.3. Agents first inspected the facility in April of last year. Agents found the station operating in a building on Monroe street in Passaic. Back in April Moreno told the agents that he owns and operates the station. The agents observed that the station was active at the time of the inspection until Mr. Moreno turned off the station at the agents’ request. 

The agents verbally warned Mr. Moreno about the consequences of continued operation of an unlicensed radio station. Agents Observed an FM broadcast antenna on the roof of the building and a coaxial cable going from the antenna on the roof to the second floor of the building.  The agents subsequently took field strength measurements and determined that the signals being broadcast exceeded the limits for operation under Part 15 of the Commission’s rules and therefore required a license.