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Radio Super Serving Local Communities During Massive Storm

February 1, 2011: Central Oklahoma braces for second band of snow. Radio is there to serve the people. Clear Chanel Oklahoma Operations Manager Tom Travis tells Radio Ink magazine his employees "stayed the night, camping out at the radio station" to get ready for this huge storm.

Seventy-seven counties are in a state of emergency in Oklahoma. High drifts, winds gusting over 50 MPH, wind chills are 36 degrees below zero. Oh, yeah, and the snow. There's a lot of it. Ambulances are getting stuck in the snow, cars are stuck, and people are suffering from the cold temperatures. Travis says in preparing for the storm he held meetings to remind his people "residents are expecting us to deliver. We have to be on the air giving people all the information they need," he told his team. And, if you listen to the station online, News Radio KTOK is not missing a beat.

The stations are lucky enough to have help from a television station and the Oklahoma news network. But at the end of the day, it was about the employees of the radio stations doing multiple jobs, coming in to work when others are advised to stay home, and staying as late as it takes. Congratulations to Tom and the entire team at KTOK Radio. Similar stories are playing out at radio stations all over the country as one of the biggest snowstorms in recent memory is sweeping the nation.

(2/2/2011 11:46:24 AM)

A big thank you to our federal government and the FCC, for establishing the US local system of broadcasting. You got it right the first time.

KIOW is also super serving local communities in our area with life saving information during each massive storm and at all other times.
We can because of local content, local employees who sacrifice to get it done, and a local broadcast, program and administrative structures set up and ready and able to serve all of the public during any danger.

Our hats off to the American system of broadcasting.

Tony Coloff Gen Mgr KIOW

- Tony Coloff

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