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Survey: Consumers Expect Better From Mobile Ads

January 31, 2011: Sixty-three percent of consumers picked "informative" as the most important quality in a mobile ad for personal-care products, according to a survey by Yahoo and the Nielsen Co. reported by eMarketer.

Providing useful info was also the top pick for mobile ads in the apparel, home, food and beverage, travel, tech, health, and a variety of other categories. Also important to consumers -- between 38 and 57 percent in all categories -- was that an ad be relevant to their interests. That an ad be kept "simple" was a popular choice as well, picked by 54 percent with regard to personal-care ads, 48 percent in apparel, 47 percent for home-related ads, and 47 percent for ads in the auto category.

Graphics and multimedia were important to relatively few respondents, however, topping out at 35 percent in the personal-care category.

A separate survey by Ipsos Observer, meanwhile, found that mobile ads are the type most disliked by Internet users -- chosen by 63 percent as something they "somewhat" or "strongly" dislike. Just 15 percent of respondents report liking mobile ads.    


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