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CRTC Yanks Community Station's License

January 28, 2011: CKLN, a community station based on the campus at Toronto's Ryerson University has lost its license. CKLN Radio Inc. was unable to show the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission that it could properly operate the station, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports.

CKLN is funded by Ryerson students and is on campus, but is not officially affiliated with the school. It's been under investigation since July 2009 after complaints began coming about the station's programming and operations.

The CRTC said the station was plagued with "infighting" and, among other problems, a seven-month staff lockout. The station was unable to maintain quality control when it went back on the air, and there was only limited student involvement, the CRTC said. Additionally, management was unable to provide documentation require for its license.

A university spokesman told the paper that the school has no interest in CKLN's future.


(1/30/2011 3:41:44 PM)
I'm a host at CIUT and I'm afraid we might be next. One of the guys responsible for the CKLN fiasco jumped ship last year and also jumped the queue to get a show at CIUT, despite the fact that there was a long line of applicants in front of him. He's sucked up to acting Station Manager Ken Stower big time and is "advising" him to help Stower get the SM job as a permanent gig because this guy thinks he can take Stower's old position as Program Director. This guy is already trying to get his old cronies into the station and if he becomes PD or even succeeds in getting some of his friends on the air we're going to have the exact problem at CIUT that CKLN had.

- Dance Machine

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