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NPR Fires Juan Williams Over Remarks On O'Reilly

October 21, 2010: NPR has fired longtime contributor Juan Williams over comments Williams made to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. On The O'Reilly Factor, Williams said, "When I get on the plane ... if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

Williams has been with NPR for some years and has also been a longtime liberal voice on Fox News.

In a joint statement, NPR President/CEO Vivian Schiller and SVP/News Ellen Weiss said, "Juan has been a valuable contributor to NPR and public radio for many years, and we did not make this decision lightly or without regret. HOwever, his remarks on The O'Reilly Factor this past Monday were inconsistent with our editorial standard and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR."

Williams told Fox News that he didn't speak with his NPR bosses before he was fired and that he was told the matter had been decided "up the chain."
He also denied that what he said was bigoted: "It's not a bigoted statement. In fact, in the course of this conversation with Bill O'Reilly, I said we have an obligation as Americans to be careful to protect the constitutional rights of everyone in our country and to make sure that we don't have any outbreak of bigotry. But that there's a reality."


(10/23/2010 5:31:58 PM)
This was more about a white woman with balls the size of Dallas trying to impose her will on a black man. She wanted him to be a submissive "yes madam" black man and he simply spoke his courageous true feelings.

Who's the real slave here? She is the one that ought to be fired. Williams is a hero to speak his personal feelings despite her desire to be the "man." What a sick perverted CEO she is. Here's a woman who just can't take the fact that she can't exercise "manly" control over an honest and good man.

Juan move on and let her find some other person to feel "control and power" over. She's a loser with a capital "L" anyway.

- Disturbed in Nashville
(10/22/2010 8:31:24 PM)
I don't have any problem with Juan Williams' personal feelings. If NPR warned him after previous situations and he did it again and got canned, so be it. If he did it in part to create a big media buzz all the while knowing that he had a sweet deal in hand with Fox, then kudos for all the earned media.

What should we do? Round up all Muslim-Americans and guests of that faith and put them in concentration camps far away from densely populated areas until we win the war against terrorism and extremists? We tried that with Japanese-Americans during WWII because they looked like those who bombed Pearl Harbor.

We are the United States of America and we stand for freedoms that other nations would take away at the drop of a hat. I understand perfectly the fear and anxiety that comes from seeing people who look like those who have harmed us. But what happens when we give in to our fears? We lose a little bit of ourselves.

Think about it: Did the shoe-bomber dress in traditional Muslim garb? Did the guy whose bomb failed to explode in Times Square dress that way? Was Timothy McVey a Muslim? It's not those dressed in religious garb who concern me, it's those who are against our way of life who have woven themselves into the fabric of our society that we can't see so easily. We can pass a law that prevents the wearing of religious clothing in public places but where do we stop with that? What about priests, nuns, rabbis and others?

We need to protect ourselves but we also must find ways to do it without losing any more freedoms that we have already lost or unnecessarily harming others because they look a certain way.

- Robert Jenkins
(10/22/2010 11:41:35 AM)
This reflects the dangerous direction our country is headed in. It is a crying shame that we ignore the reality of any circumstance to protect the image of a religion founded in extremism. Why is it freedom of speech is only a protection for all those against the American culture? Public Radio is a farce, and would be better termed GM radio! [government mandated radio] Hats off to the independants.

- Rob
(10/22/2010 10:04:43 AM)
He didn't utter a bigoted word. There's not a person walking the face of the earth that viewed the 911 attacks that can honestly say they wouldn't feel trepidation in the moment he described.
Pseudo intellectuals with an agenda found an avenue to silence an individual for speaking honestly. Seems diametrically opposed to what they position as their belief doesn't it?
Probably a good thing he didn't speak honestly about Obamacare. We may never have seen him again....

- Jeff Jarnigan
(10/22/2010 9:27:14 AM)
NPR has drifted into the abyss. I'll never pledge another dime.

- Tim Moore

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