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NABJ: Dr. Laura Did 'Not Have The Right To Use Racial Slurs'

August 19, 2010: National Association of Black Journalists President Kathy Times has released a statement on Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who earlier this week announced she is leaving radio at the end of the year after the controversy generated by her on-air use of the n-word.

Times cites her own experience in hearing the offensive term, and says, "When will people learn it's never OK to use the n-word, no matter how many times it is uttered in the name of entertainment, sarcasm, or disgust? Instead of helping one of her callers, Dr. Laura chose to go on a tirade that appeared to reveal deep-rooted thoughts on politics and black America."

Times acknowledges Schlessinger's apology but continues, "She does not have the right to use racial slurs on public airwaves." Times says "deeper issues" must be addressed by Schlessinger's syndicator and names Premiere Radio Networks, which hasn't syndicated the program in some time. The show was syndicated for several years through Schlessinger's own Take On The Day, which last year signed a joint venture with Talk Radio Network.

Times goes on to ask, "Is it time for the n-word and other racial epithets to be added to the list of seven dirty words (made famous by comedian George Carlin)?" She calls for a "movement to address 'talk show hate'" and invites Schlessinger "to to join us in a conversation leading to change in the public discourse, which both embraces their right to free speech and our desire to end the use of racial slurs and epithets on the public's airwaves."


(9/1/2010 10:58:30 AM)
I am a white male 51 year old. I think it is disgusting that a person thinks it is o.k. to hind behind the 1st ammendment to try and hind the fact of what a small minded and unfeel racist they realy are. Though I feel we all have a long way to go (myself included) as a people we all must learn and grow if the human race is ever to evole. We have grown some seen I have grown up through the 60s & 70s but every time some hatful person talk this way it sets us back years. She makes me ashamed to be white and I hope that we all will some day grow up and look at people for who they are and not what they are and how much they have. She should not be aload to finish her conract or payed to talk about this by the media.
Dr. Lora crawl back into your dark, damp hole you call a brain and leave us be.

- ed caron
(8/20/2010 1:51:09 PM)
You can say whatever you want on the air, but don't take quotes out of the context of their use. Also, you have to accept that sponsors will either join you or drop you, based on what you say, so I say there is ALREADY a system of check and balances in the radio world.

- Floyd R. Turbo
(8/20/2010 11:43:43 AM)
Once again grandstanding and pointing fingers by an organization who's very existance promotes racism. What if we were to have a National Association of White Journalist? These organizations have no merit until they follow the same standards eforced on the rest of America. How many different races are represented or allowed within the ranks of the NABJ. Maybe we should apply some affirmative action here? Dr. Laura presented an analogy on the double standards that are clearly represented within this very article. Until all races just become Americans,drop the subtitles and demands for special recoginition, racism will remain. To much money and guaranteed hand-outs involved in it. So maybe we should be addressing greed, and entitlement attitudes instead of color?

- Rob
(8/20/2010 9:48:10 AM)
The organization that takes up the mantle of promoting civil dialog in place of hate radio will be doing America an incalculable service.

Unfortunately, no individual will or can take responsibility for corporate morality (or the absence thereof) that underlies it all, given their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.

All they need do is not violate the law. Or be able to strike a deal or consent decree when they do.

- Dennis Jackson

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