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Stephan: Using Local Caller Was A Mistake

July 29, 2010: A listener called Armstrong and Getty, heard on Clear Channel's News/Talk KSTE/Sacramento and KNEW/San Francisco, to say he'd heard calls from their show on Doug Stephan's Good Day. The hosts played clips from the calls, and Getty declared on the air, "It's a good day for plagiarism."

Stephen called in and explained that the calls, intended for his Talk Radio Count Down, had inadvertently ended up on Good Day. Getty and Armstrong weren't initially persuaded, noting that the names of the callers were changed, but the duo accepted the apology.

Stephan issued a statement today, saying, "My company produces several radio programs, including Good Day and the Talk Radio Count Down. The Count Down program, which is billed as being a review of what happened on the air during the past week in talk radio across the country, uses clips from shows around the country to highlight the top stories in talk radio and has served to promote my fellow hosts and our format for more than ten years.

"It is our policy on Count Down to give credit to the programs from which we choose those highlights, and we've done a pretty good job on that front. On occasion when there is crossover on a story between Count Down and my Good Day show, we have used some of those same clips on Good Day to reinforce a conversation. Again, it is our practice to give credit for those clips, but on rare occasions that practice has not been followed and some clips have been run without attribution or with the wrong attribution.

"Obviously there are flaws in our system, and the wrong clip can wind up in the wrong place, as evidenced by what has happened here. This is unacceptable. I take full responsibility and have told my staff in no uncertain terms that it will not happen again. I called Armstrong and Getty to apologize and assure them that I have dealt with this problem. I have been in this business for 44 years and great respect for our profession and my peers."

(7/7/2013 3:33:14 PM)
Doug Stephan was caught replaying tapes of callers from another show on his show and substituting his voice as the other part of the conversation. When is that EVER acceptable on ANY show?

I have no doubt that Stephan has been pulling this scam for years. There are two reasons Stephan would do this: 1) He is a notorious bore who is unable to attract callers or 2) He was trying to scam station owners into thinking he was doing a live show when he wasn't.

- JG
(8/8/2012 8:49:10 AM)
Uhhmmm...Doug. They did accept his apology on air. I was listening to their program the morning they spoke with him "on air".

- Steven R. Smith
(5/1/2012 6:13:21 PM)
Listen boys!

- Sack
(10/12/2011 2:58:03 PM)
Doug Stephen is a complete fuck.

- Keven Charleston
(11/4/2010 12:05:02 AM)
He has been doing it for years. No one noticed until now because no one in the industry listens to the dull hack.
I know-- I'm one of his many former producers.
His intregity issues go beyond ripping off calls


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