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Orkin Protests Nevada Chicken Suit Ban

May 26, 2010: Legendary Radio Ranch CEO Dick Orkin is up in arms about the Nevada Election Board's ban on the wearing of chicken costumes at polling places. The board imposed the ban in response to state Democrats' "Chickens for Checkups" campaign, which has put people in chicken suits at campaign events for Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden.

"Chickens for Checkups" is, in turn, a response to Lowden's remark that those who can't afford health care could barter for doctors' services, as in the days when "our grandparents would bring a chicken to the doctor."

Orkin says, "In special circumstances, I make my living dressed in a chicken costume, and, further, I have sold the licensing right to radio stations to have a member of their staff dress in a similar chicken costume. The chicken costume to which I am referring is that the of the Wonderful White Winged Warrior, Chickenman, a serial I created for radio in the late '60s at WCFL radio in Chicago."

Orkin adds that it is "conceivable that any one of the persons who are costumed as and performing the role of Chickenman, could be en route to or returning from fighting crime and or evil, or at the very least to or from a personal celebrity appearance, and be thus required -- in the commission of their work -- to walk through a Nevada polling place dressed in a chicken costume." He also says he is looking into the constitutional implications of what he believes to be "an act of labor and employment discrimination on the part of the Nevada Election Board." Orkin is asking those who object to the chicken ban to write to the Election Board and copy him at

Orkin notes that he's not a Lowden supporter, but adds, "I fully defend her right to make the suggestion, with or without drawing ridicule, that doctors accept chickens as a trade for their services."

Lowden, for her part, has stood behind her comment; a statement to Plum Line blogger Greg Sargent from a Lowden spokesperson said, "Americans are struggling to pay for their health care, and in order to afford coverage we must explore all options available to drive costs down. Bartering with your doctor is not a new concept. There have been numerous reports as to how negotiating with your doctor is an option and doctors have gone on the record verifying this."


(5/27/2010 5:41:02 PM)
I wrote and recorded an original song about Lowden's idea of taking "chicken to the doctor".

- Mason Green
(5/26/2010 8:40:42 PM)
The only people dressing in idiotic chicken costumes are democrats. Desperate and doing anything they can to get troubled 'ol Dirty Harry Reid re-elected. Reid is going down in flames, chicken suits or no chicken suits. Learn to live with it.

- NVRepub
(5/26/2010 8:30:29 PM)
Nevadans took a stand against this too. Check out the video of people protesting and voting in chicken costumes:

- CCinLV

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