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Ron Lundy Dies At 75

March 15, 2010: Ron Lundy, who was on the New York airwaves almost continously from 1965 until 1997, has died at age 75. Lundy began his career on Memphis radio and later moved on to WIL/St. Louis. He came to New York and then-Top 40 WABC in 1965, where his signature line, "Hello, love, this is Ron Lundy from the greatest city in the world," was heard until the station flipped to Talk in 1982.

In 1984 he reappeared in New York on WCBS-FM, remaining there until his retirement in 1997. Lundy retired to Mississippi, where he died on Monday.

The New York Daily News, reporting earlier today on Lundy's illness, said he had had a lung removed after cancer treatment and suffered several mini-strokes. His wife, Shirley Lundy, told the paper, "We're so thankful for all his friends in New York." Former WABC and WCBS colleague Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow said, "Ron's one of the class acts in radio."

Airchecks and a salute to Lundy can be found at this WABC/Music Radio 77 tribute site, which also broke the news of his passing.