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WBAP-AM/Dallas Gets An FM Simulcast

March 12, 2010: Citadel moved Oldies KPMZ/Dallas into stunt mode Friday afternoon, going first to Texas music and then to "Reagan Radio," and now the plan has been revealed: On Monday at 5 a.m., the former "Platinum 96.7" will become a simulcast of News/Talk clustermate WBAP-AM.

"With the largest reach of any AM signal in North Texas at 820 AM, WBAP will provide a full simulcast of its entire programming at 96.7 FM," WBAP President/GM Keri Korzeniewski said. "With crystal-clear FM fidelity, WBAP listeners now have a choice on how they listen to their favorite News/Talk station."

WBAP's lineup: WBAP Morning News with Hal Jay, Brian Estridge, Amy Chodroff, Steve Lamb, and Brad Barton; Mark Davis from 8:30-11 a.m.; Premiere Radio Networks' Rush Limbaugh from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; Premiere's Sean Hannity from 2-5 p.m.; Citadel Media's Mark Levin from 5-8 p.m.; Talk Radio Network's Laura Ingraham from 8-11 pm.; Citadel Media's John Batchelor from 11 p.m.-midnight; and The Midnight Radio Show with Eric Harley and Gary McNamara in overnights.

WBAP OM Tyler Cox said, "WBAP made history in 1922 when it signed on the air. WBAP is making history again as it becomes the first News/Talk radio station in North Texas to offer its programming on both the AM and FM dial! Listeners searching for clear views of the issues have relied on WBAP 820 AM every day. Now, listeners searching for clear FM fidelity can also rely on WBAP 96.7 FM!"

(5/29/2013 1:21:06 AM)
We just got red eye radio out here and GAWD I can't stand it. Gary McNamara does nothing but talk about himself, backs up and repeats the first 3 words of any sentence and screams at the top of his lungs all the time. Mania doesn't make a good combo at 1 AM when life is winding down and no one can get a word in edgewise with this guy. His poor partner! All the guy does is get cut off, talked over or says "yeah" or "oh" or just sits and agrees because it's the Gary McNamara's Ego show. He knows everyone, has done everything, can "one up" anything anyone says and is like your crazy uncle who has to reflect on the Salad Days of 25 years ago only no one cares. I don't turn on the radio to get talked AT..this show sucks

- Kestle
(3/16/2010 12:10:38 AM)
All insidious radio talk shows that appeal to mindless lemmings are RUBBISH, whether left or right wing.

So the babbling boobs have cleverly and quietly replaced the most well done music programming in the Metroplex.

My prediction is a sudden, FLAMING DEATH for the tedious WBAP on FM!

WBAP belongs on AM, not FM. Get off.

- Geronimo
(3/15/2010 3:02:52 PM)
Milk-toast oldies stations have never well in DFW.

Glad my favorite news/talk station is on FM!

- Glen
(3/15/2010 2:26:24 PM)
This is so bizarre. Finally we get a good oldies station and it turns into a
Ronald Reagan station" then to newstalk radio show.


- octaviameister
(3/14/2010 8:46:46 AM)
This really sucks, Platinum 96.7 played the best music selsction, I sure hope another station convets to the 96.7 old format.

- Jerry

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