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Smith Talks Business, Royalties On C-SPAN

January 25, 2010: NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith was the guest on C-SPAN's The Communicators Saturday, and he called the Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn some limits on campaign spending that were part of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law "a good decision for freedom of speech." Smith, who noted that he did not vote for McCain-Feingold when he was in the Senate, said of the court's decision, "Ultimately, I suspect it means more political advertising, but I think the best part of the ruling was full disclosure." The court kept requirements that advertising contributors be named.

Smith said of the court's ruling, "I think it does help -- at a time when advertising id sown, perhaps political advertising will go up."

Asked about his view of the broadcast industry's future, Smith said he is "very optimistic." He sees HD Radio "taking off" and added, "I think people love their radios, and it's just a ubiquitous part of being an American, to have a radio handy for news, entertainment, sports, politics, and certainly emergency services."

On the ongoing debate over performance royalties for radio, Smith said that historically Congress has always "backed off" of making radio pay performers "because they've said the promotional service is the equivalent value of the right to play." Smith continued, "And we still feel that way. And frankly, if it changes, you're going to compromise the economics of an awful lot of radio in this country, and I think that's a mistake."

View the program here.

(1/26/2010 4:35:09 PM)
Here's that thread on Radio-Info about Eric's Mighty Red HD con-job:


(1/26/2010 4:12:57 PM)
"Struble: Radio Is the Last Analog Medium Standing"

"Insignia HD — I think this will be a nice little interim step for jogging or working out. It proves the viability [of the technology] and hopefully we'll get sales; but no, this is not going to sell in the hundreds of thousands... Radio alone — the sad reality of where it is — as a standalone device, it just doesn't exist anymore as a category. Nobody goes into Best Buy and says 'Where's the radio department?'"

Struble said that the Insignia Portable is Mighty Dead, also - Well, Bob, I guess you aren't selling a million of those things, like you claimed at the 2009 NAB Philly Show - LOL!

(1/26/2010 2:48:36 PM)
It appears that BMW HD radios have stopped functioning:

"For those of you with HD Radios, for the last week or so, when the HD signal kicks in, the output is very choppy. This is true for all stations, AM or FM."


"I have been experiencing the same problem as well.... but no idea where the issue lies."

Also, appears that more HD broadcasters are shutting off their jammers:

"this is even KNX 1070 AM HD and KFI 640 HD is off HD, along with FM 104.3 and 93.1. I know it isn't my radio, cos i can still receive knx HD2 on 94.7 and espn 710 AM hd. is anyone else experiencing this in LA//OC??"


"Exact same problem. I wonder what's going on???"

2010 should be HD Radio's year to implode. What a farce.

(1/26/2010 2:39:13 PM)
It looks like the Mighty Red is Mighty Dead:

"Yes. The battery only lasts a couple of hours, if that."

Yea, with no dropouts, as soon as you start moving - LMFAO!

- HDRadioFarce
(1/26/2010 2:31:35 PM)

It's the truth, son.
I told it exactly as it is, how I use it, and how it works for me.

You ought to try it for yourself.
An exact same type as my Mighty Red is the Insignia portable HD Radio sold by Best Buy for around $50.
Try it, you might like it.

- Tony Coloff

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