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FCC's Lloyd Blames 'Right-Wing Smear Machine' For Distorting Views

December 15, 2009: Speaking at a Media Access Project event yesterday, FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd said a "right-wing smear campaign" has misled people about his beliefs.

He said, "Allow me to clear away some mud: I am not a Czar appointed by President Obama. I am not at the FCC to restore the Fairness Doctrine through the front door or the back door, or to carry out a secret plot funded by George Soros to get rid of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or any other conservative talk show host. I am not at the FCC to remove anybody, whatever their color, from power. I am not a supporter of Hugo Chavez." Lloyd called the "campaign" against him "incredible" and said it has generated "hate mail and death threats."

Lloyd said his writing shows "that my focus, my long-standing interest, is not Limbaugh, Beck, or [Lou] Dobbs, it is not the right-wing haters." He continued, "My focus has long been the health of the American republic and what I see as the central role of communications policy in that republic."

Not 'Forced Speech,' But Free Speech

Lloyd said he believes journalistic bias is inevitable, and said, "It is important for citizens to check not only the Wall Street Journal, but also the New York Times; not only the Washington Times, but also the Washington Post." He continued, "This is the great value of independent journalism. This is why courts have consistently ruled that requiring distribution mechanisms to provide opportunities for speech not controlled by the carrier is not forced speech, but is consistent with the goal of free speech."

Controversial Writings

Lloyd's FCC appointment generated controversy -- which, he said at the MAP event, began with an unnamed "obscure right-wing blog" -- as attention was called to a 2007 report he wrote for the Center for the American Progress, "The Structural Imbalance of Talk Radio," in which he said marketplace forces are "insufficient for correcting the imbalance in talk radio programming."

The report does not support the return of the Fairness Doctrine, largely because it wouldn't adequately address what Lloyd sees as the problem. He wrote, "Simply reinstating the Fairness Doctrine will do little to address the gap between conservative and progressive talk unless the underlying elements of the public trustee doctrine are enforced, in particular, the requirements of local accountability and the reasonable airing of important matters.

In that report Lloyd also proposes tighter local and national ownership caps, the replacement of the issues/programs list in public files with a quarterly form detailing how stations serve the public interest, and three-year license terms.

Additionally, in a 2007 essay called "Forget the Fairness Doctrine," Lloyd called Rush Limbaugh a "distortionist," said that broadcasters who refuse to air progressive hosts are motivated by more than economic concerns. He reiterated that the Fairness Doctrine never "fostered coverage of important issues in a way that spoke to the diversity of interests in local communities."

Lloyd's prepared remarks, on the MAP website. 

(12/23/2009 2:11:08 PM)
Of course it's no big surprise that someone on the left would think that Chavez's victory over "property owners" is a good thing, or would use the example of those property owners using the media to fight back as a bad thing. Love for Chavez on the left is hardly uncommon.

Now, Chavez is using the power of government, an important distinction, to shut down opposition media.

Exactly what Lloyd and fellow leftists are trying to figure out how to do in this country. They can't come right out and say it --- they have to cloak it in terms of "localism", and "democracy".

You're not fooling us, Mark. We're on to you. You can't hide from your past remarks, which have been played in context by a brave and dwindling few.

Google "mark lloyd" Chavez.

- Gary
(12/20/2009 11:29:43 AM)
Nice try Mark Lloyd, but what you said about Chavez is clear as crystal.

You admired the way he destroyed free speech in Venezuela, and you want to have the same power over Americans.

You are a dangerous, disgusting piece of work, but you will fail.

- Freedom Fan
(12/16/2009 10:38:01 PM)
you can not trust Mark Lloyd. his ideas are not progressive be regressive to the Republic. you must simply judge Mark Lloyd by his own words.

- kned
(12/15/2009 5:18:56 PM)
Oh, yes, Breitbart. Not that he would ever edit videotape to make himself the new Glenn Beck. would he?

- John MCNary
(12/15/2009 3:47:21 PM)
We saw and heard him on video, thanks to Brietbart. There has been no distortions or smearing.

- charliemax

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