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TRN To Launch 'America's Morning News,' With Morgan, McCaslin

WASHINGTON -- May 28, 2009: Talk Radio Network Entertainment reports that it has partnered with the Washington Times on the upcoming America's Morning News, set to debut June 15. The show, hosted by 15-year KSFO/San Francisco morning drive anchor Melanie Morgan and award-winning Times journalist John McCaslin, will focus on investigative reporting, with live news and commentary from a Washington, DC, newsroom. The show will have access to the newspaper's resources, with a specially formed 10-reporter investigative unit.

"The Washington Times has made a very strong commitment to investigative reporting, building a journalistic team, headed by former Post honcho John Solomon, that will be second to none," said TRN Entertainment CEO Mark Masters. "We believe this unique journalistic team, combined with radio's ability to give the time and context needed to flesh out breaking stories, will make for a powerful winning combination in talk radio. Rather than commenting on yesterday's news, this news radio show will have the capacity to make, break, and drive the news cycle. Like 60 Minutes once did for TV, this show can do for radio."

Talk Radio Network President/Programming Phil Boyce added, "TRN is excited to partner with the Washington Times in this brave new venture. This show will be fast-paced and compelling, with great storytelling by the reporters breaking the stories. Morning radio in America will have a new player heavy on information and riveting content."

Morgan has spent 33 years with ABC radio and television who has won awards for her coverage of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake and the Tiananmen Square uprising in China in 1988. For the last 15 years, she's hosted mornings on Citadel's Talk KSFO/San Francisco, and she's also a frequent on-air contributor to the Fox News Channel. McCaslin is the longtime writer of the Times' "Inside the Beltway" column and a veteran speaker and broadcaster who has filled in for Rush Limbaugh and ABC's Sam Donaldson on radio and anchored a weekly TV news segment in DC.

Times and America's Morning News Exec. Editor John Solomon said, "Melanie and John will leverage every ounce of expertise, energy, and gumshoe reporting out of the Times' investigative newsroom. They know how to break stories that matter to the American public, are passionate about holding the powerful to account, and are committed to unearthing the stories that matter most to Americans at the dinner table, by the watercooler and inside their pocketbooks."






(11/5/2009 9:55:15 AM)
Our here on the west coast, it is very early for a retired person when I catch the show on KFMB 760, San Diego.

I do enjoy your show, and I am glad that you are not afraid to expose those who are doing our country wrong. So many news shows don't report the good and the bad, but only what the Washington politicians want you to hear.

- Andrea Johnson

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