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Sandusky/Seattle Quus Up For Interactive Programming

SEATTLE -- May 18, 2009: The Sandusky Seattle Radio Group has allied with Quu to make its radio programming interactive with interactive ads and coupons, on-demand radio commerce, content tagging, and integration with social media.

"As we prepare for the second decade of the 21st century, the world of media is changing all around us," said Sandusky/Seattle VP/GM Mark Kaye. "We can do one of two things -- either embrace these new opportunities or die a slow death. Quu provides an additional and significant level of engagement and whose ROI is more readily documented -- a greater advertiser requirement in this brave new world. It also will allow our listeners to benefit because they can easily touch our advertisers in various new ways including a new form of couponing that we think will prove very popular."

With the Quu system, listeners send text messages with the station's name or frequency, and get back the name of a song and artist; get an automated callback that offers more details and that comes with a video of an and or other connection to an advertiser; be entered into a station promotion; or have their vote in a poll counted. Any of these can be linked to couponing. Listeners who choose to register can use social networking features as well.

Quu CEO Joe Harb said, "Quu brings the concept of web interactivity and user community to individual stations and radio groups -- indeed, to any advertising medium -- without any upfront costs or technology barriers. Given Americans' love affair with and daily dependence on radio, it's time that stations fight back to improve their full revenue potential."

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