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Limbaugh: Ratings Surge On Controversy

NEW YORK -- March 27, 2009: Premiere Radio Networks' Rush Limbaugh read a memo from the "EIB Ratings Analysis Unit" showing that his ratings were up significantly in February in PPM markets.

The memo reads, "Try #1 12 plus in New York, Chicago and Houston! Over the last 3 months WABC goes 4.6 to 5.9 to 6.7 to be #1 from 12n to 3pm with total audience 12 plus."The memo also says Limbaugh was number one 12+ on WLS in February and is "so huge in Houston he scores in every demo."

Limbaugh said (per a transcript at, "Remember, now, these ratings came in before the big hit on 'I want Obama to fail.' It was out there [as of January 16], but it wasn't until the CPAC speech that Rahm Emanuel went on Slay the Nation, and the whole drive-bys picked up on it; and there was the Carville-Begala-Stan Greenberg-Emanuel assault. So that's going to be March. We'll get that pretty soon. But I wanted to pass this on to you. These are important because there are 62 million people that voted against Barack Obama. The drive-by media tries to portray this nation as 100% united behind him, and it's not. What is happening, these audience growth rates are phenomenal."

Limbaugh noted that he rarely talks about ratings but said, "I wanted to share this with you, not just 'cause it's good news for me, but it's good news for all of us ... It shows that there is an appetite and a hunger for some opposition for what is happening."


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