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Air America Media Forms Syndication Division

NEW YORK -- March 10, 2009: Air America Media has formed a new syndication division, Air America Media Syndication, and the long-running weekend show Newsweek On Air will be its first offering, as of March 22.

"AAM Syndication is pleased to team with Newsweek in this first venture outside of the traditional Air America package," said AAM SVP/Programming Bill Hess, who is heading up the new division. "This is a great show, with an excellent track record of performance on many great radio stations. We look forward to a long partnership with Newsweek."

Longtime Newsweek On Air producer and host and Newsweek Contributing Editor David Alpern said, "AAM Syndication is a great partner for Newsweek On Air. We look forward to maintaining the same high-quality content, balance, and listener interest that has won our program various awards and a place on so many station schedules, some for nearly all of its 27 years on the air."

Newsweek On Air offers in-depth coverage of stories from the magazine and its website, and is also a popular podcast.

(3/21/2009 4:51:52 AM)
I miss Randi.
I will miss Peter...too.
Radio is in the same trouble as all of us, we are broke. No one is really listening to right wind blowhards anymore and the Radio Execs do not have a clue what they are losing as more of the disgusted turn to little laptops for their news. Montel does not excite me. Air America needs to get out of this light fluffy stuff and stay with the sober news WE ALL NEED NOW MORE THAN EVER. Unbiased. Most of us can handle serious news. By the Ron Reagan is Wonderful! Tom and Malloy terrific!

- Carey
(3/17/2009 1:58:47 AM)
So everyone who thinks this is a good idea has no problem with a news media outlet partnering with a liberal radio programing company? I'll remind you that the news media is supposed to be unbiased, regardless of what their personal political views and opinions are. The news media is the only organization that can keep the government in check.
And to prove their unbiased news reporting, the same week they announce this partnership, Newsweek blasts a private citizen, who is NOT a member of the government, and targets him and his views.
To think... thousands of journalists have died over the years performing their duty as the overseer of the government, making sure the government doesn't trample the rights of ALL its citizens, not just its liberal citizens.

- Brad54
(3/13/2009 11:11:38 AM)
This clown....Shawn....can you write? I need to hire a cryptologist to understand your rambling. Liberal Radio is growing??? Get real, fool.

- antp56
(3/11/2009 10:04:22 PM)
Air America...does it still exist? I really don't want to start my day listening to a one sided, hate filled lecture about many of the things I do admire. Hey, this is where the "fairness doctrine" might come in

- wes
(3/11/2009 5:26:12 PM)
One collection LIBTARD LOSERS hooking up with another collection of LIBTARD LOSERS... Yes indeed, holding hands all the way to bankruptcy court...

- juandos

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